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Over 40,000 Victorian homes are broken into every year – Are you a target?

Rarely are homeowners conscious of their home Security. Most Aussies are complacent, with their ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude! We need to smarten up and be aware that in today’s world we are being watched.

We hope you…

  • Are conscious of your neighbours coming and goings and they of yours.
  • Follow a Safe & Secure Checklist before leaving on your holidays.
  • Have photographed and can easily identify your personal items.
  • Can view your house easily from the street.
  • Stow your Wheelie Bins so they are not available to be used as ladders.
  • Are careful not to dispose of your personal information in your recycling bin.
  • Have sufficient and effective outdoor lighting around your home.
  • Have fitted Dead Locks to your windows.
  • Display Security WARNING SIGNS.

Every home is different, and we all deserve to feel safe and secure.

So Ask Yourself…

  • How safe and secure do you feel?
  • How easy would it be to break into your home?
  • Do you or your friends take precautions before you go away?
  • Do you or your friends advertise your absence?
  • When was your alarm last serviced (if you have one)?
  • Do you use it (arm it every time you leave)?
  • What about when you go to bed at night?
  • Who will hear it & what will they do?
  • Are you next?…….

You can minimise risk and make your property less appealing to an unwanted intrusion. Your Home Security is vitally important.
If you are feeling vulnerable, then reach out to a licensed Security Advisor to help upgrade your protection.

Brought to you by www.securityheroes.com.au – Securing your Peace of Mind.

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