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Back-To- Base Grade A1 Monitoring

Clients serious about security choose back-to-base monitoring, with insurers often requiring this level of protection. With this service, when a monitored security detector activates, the alarm automatically calls the monitoring centre within seconds, while sounding your local sirens. Trained personnel quickly telephone your home or business to check if the alarm is valid, and security patrols or other responding personnel are quickly dispatched if there’s any doubt.

This service ensures you have trained operators capable of watching over you and your property anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our Australian Standards (AS2201.2.A1) certified monitoring centre.

The immediate phone call to the premises by the control room gets intruders leaving as quick as they came, as they don’t know how long it take for a patrol to get there.

Without back-to-base monitoring, the value of your alarm is questionable, as your alarm could  be an invitation to potential thieves. Once they have set off an alarm, smart criminals will case your neighbourhood to see if anybody responds to the intrusion.  If no one shows, they know there is no monitoring, so they can work the property over at their leisure.

We promote open/close reporting to our commercial clients to identify every alarm activation, restore, arming, disarming, tests, etc. These are recorded and maintained in the central control room computer records with activity reports that can be emailed on a regular basis or upon request and can cover any period of time.

You can also request us to call you when a system is disarmed outside normal business hours or late to close in the evening, although you may not want to be woken in some circumstances.

The benefits of Monitoring by Security Heroes include:

  • We customise alarm response to suit your personal circumstances, including temporary changes due to holidays etc.
  • You have a locally licensed security adviser providing you with guidance, on-site assessment, programming assistance and knowledge of the security in your area.
  • We have full access to your records in the central monitoring station’s computer database with email notifications on any non-urgent signals (e.g. low battery signals). Follow up phone calls will then confirm that your alarm system is operating at optimum performance. Signals that indicate the need for service often go un-noticed by other service providers; even though they receive an automated signal.
  • You are provided with a monitored Alarm Compliance Certificate for your insurance company that should entitle you to receive a discounted premium, a reduced excess, or both.
  • There is no minimum term and no penalty if/when you no longer require our services.

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