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Security Heroes Services

Security Heroes is much more than a security system sales and installation company – we specialise in real security expertise and service. When you engage our services, a licensed Security Advisor visits your premises to take a close look at your requirements and advise the system most suited to your needs.

That’s why Security Heroes offers a range of effective solutions to suit your particular situation.

Intruder Alarms

We install, service & monitor all makes and models of alarms – though our clients usually want wireless systems due to their versatility and their ability to be relocated easily.

But just having an alarm system installed is not enough these days. Criminals are well aware that your alarm sirens must shut down within 5 minutes under Australian law, your neighbours will usually ignore them and police in Victoria won’t even respond to unmonitored alarms!

Upgrade your OLD alarm for a complete new NBN-ready system.  Our most popular models are:

CCTV Video Surveillance

View your video footage on your mobile phone. Security Heroes can install Motion-Activated, Full HD CCTV with time-stamps for searching & verification as part of your system. The surveillance cameras can be monitored on your mobile phone, allowing you to dial in at any time and see what is happening at your home or business.

We recommend and install Hikvision NVR (Network Video Recorder) with 3TB HDD combined with Hikvision Mini Dome Cameras (see attached brochure) to provide Full HD images with Software for on-site viewing from PC and Remote viewing by Mobile Smart Phone App, including Motion-Activation & time-stamped recording for searching & verification.

Back-To- Base Grade A1 Monitoring

Clients serious about security choose back-to-base monitoring, with insurers often requiring this level of protection. With this service, when a monitored security detector activates, the alarm automatically calls the monitoring centre within seconds, while sounding your local sirens. Trained personnel quickly telephone your home or business to check if the alarm is valid, and security patrols or other responding personnel are quickly dispatched if there’s any doubt.

This service ensures you have trained operators capable of watching over you and your property anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our Australian Standards (AS2201.2.A1) certified monitoring centre.

The immediate phone call to the premises by the control room gets intruders leaving as quick as they came, as they don’t know how long it take for a patrol to get there.

Without back-to-base monitoring, the value of your alarm is questionable, as your alarm could  be an invitation to potential thieves. Once they have set off an alarm, smart criminals will case your neighbourhood to see if anybody responds to the intrusion.  If no one shows, they know there is no monitoring, so they can work the property over at their leisure.

We promote open/close reporting to our commercial clients to identify every alarm activation, restore, arming, disarming, tests, etc. These are recorded and maintained in the central control room computer records with activity reports that can be emailed on a regular basis or upon request and can cover any period of time.

You can also request us to call you when a system is disarmed outside normal business hours or late to close in the evening, although you may not want to be woken in some circumstances.

We also offer Remote Video Verification by integrating cameras with the alarm so that alarm activation will automatically transmit video to the monitoring centre so they can verify response remotely. Our video footage commences from 10 seconds prior to activation so we can see what caused the alarm to activate (if the cameras are positioned appropriately) and it can be used by the police for identification and evidence as the recording is stored and controlled in an Australian Standards AS2201.2.A1 certified monitoring centre.

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