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The NBN may already be in your area and you are considering conversion or you may soon be advised that it is available.  There have been numerous cases reported of unscrupulous marketing that has left alarm owners with unexpected costs and a lack of security.

Are you aware of certain ramifications to your security if you convert to NBN without appropriate preparation?

Unfortunately, people have been pressured or misled into NBN Conversion by sales people who neglect to share all aspects, leaving them without an operational alarm and threats of litigation if they try to cancel their agreement.

Alarm communication is NOT easily transferred with your land-line phone to NBN although phone companies do not discuss all aspects of the NBN roll-out when they want you to “sign-up”.  They may not offer options for alarm communication or take extra costs into account.

There is NO urgency to change your current communication arrangement.  You will be given at least 18 months warning, before you need to do anything – Be patient, do your own research and wait until AFTER checking all available options.


  • Security alarmsImportant – call your security alarm provider to find out if your device is compatible before moving to the nbn™ network.  The rollout of the nbn™ network will involve new technologies and some existing devices may not be compatible with these at all times”.
  • What happens in a power blackout? Equipment connected over the nbn™ network will not work during a power blackout”. What’s the point of an alarm without battery backup?  What will happen if your lines are cut?

Talk to us BEFORE your land-line is replaced by NBN or another ‘naked’ type alternative so we can help you maintain your security at the lowest possible cost.




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