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Summer holidays are almost over. Those lackadaisical balmy days of irregular comings & goings will soon become a pleasant distant memory. It’s time for your kids to return to school and for you to resume your habitual Monday to Friday routine.

Remember that burglars are also back in action. As you resume your familiar routine, you can rest assured they’re also getting reacquainted with your movements.

Be Vigilant:

  • Sharing your summer adventures on social media be mindful of what is in the background of photos.
  • Always be aware of what is different in your street.
  • Stow your valuables away securely, ensuring portable electronic devices are not left on view, including your keys & wallet.
  • Be mindful with whom you and your kids share about what Santa delivered.
  • Ensure your recycling bin is not overflowing with identifiable boxes.
  • Always check that your windows and doors are locked.
  • Clean-up & light your home to minimise your homes appeal as a target.
  • Get back into the habit of arming your monitored alarm Every Time you leave your home, no exceptions.

Maintaining vigilance and being open to prevention is your best protection and will ensure your Peace of Mind.

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