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You do not want to become a victim of a break-in; it is extremely distressing

Many people feel violated with just the thought of a stranger going through their personal belongings. The ongoing feeling of being vulnerable can be long term for most people. After an intrusion, victims regularly reflect on the mess, the unknown information the perpetrator collected, the personal violation, the unease of being in their own home alone thereafter.

What can we do to reduce our home’s attraction to an intruder?
These simple yet effective measures will significantly improve your security.

  • Vary your routine, actively plan your schedule to alter your comings and goings.
  • Destroy all personal information before disposing of it in your rubbish bin.
  • Never leave ladders or garden equipment lying around your garden.
  • Empty your mailbox every day and if you go away arrange for someone else to clear the mailbox for you.
  • Break up boxes from newly delivered purchases and dispose of them inside your recycling bin.
  • Remove all your personal information from items thrown in the rubbish and recycling.
  • Upgrade your external lighting, prune trees and shrubs that might be blocking a clear view of your home’s entrance.
  • Confirm that gates have secure locks and are kept locked.
  • Doors and windows should be fitted with Dead Bolts and locked even if you are only going next door to borrow some sugar.
  • Secure your valuables and remember not to leave them on view.
  • Screen your tradespeople and ask to view their identification and licenses.
  • Service or install a monitored alarm system, maintain it properly and make sure you have both audible and visual deterrents.
  • Quality CCTV viewable from your mobile phone can be installed for a fraction of the cost they used to be.

Transform your thinking……Think like a Burglar! Look critically at your home’s openness to intrusion.

Consider the possibility of a home intrusion whilst you are there – possibly while you’re upstairs asleep. Are you vulnerable?

Home Insurance might replace your stolen property but will never act as a deterrent.

Secure your peace of mind by keeping your garage, doors and windows locked and do NOT leave keys in doors or windows, particularly if visible from outside.

Invite a licensed security advisor to help you assess your home’s vulnerabilities. A tailored solution will be provided for your consideration.

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